AZ Screen Recorder Pro Apk v5.9.0 Apk(Premium Unlocked)

If you want to record your screen and access other features easily, download AZ Screen Recorder Mod APK – Latest Version – Free for Android. Now is the time to start making high-quality videos.

We’ve seen smartphones grow at such a fast pace over the years. We can now do many things on our phones that we previously could only do on computers. Our smartphones are portable computers that we can take with us everywhere we go. As a result, many doors have opened up for people.

Recording one’s phone has become a requirement for many people. Today’s smartphones are so sophisticated that they come with a built-in screen recorder. If your phone doesn’t have one, however, you can use AZ Screen Recorder instead! This app, which has been downloaded and trusted by over 50 million people worldwide, can do a lot more than record your phone. You can also use a face camera to capture your screen here! There’s also a GIF creator and the ability to draw on the screen while filming.

Aside from that, some people want to record their Smartphone screens to make tutorials, gameplays, live streams, YouTube videos, Tiptoes, and other videos. AZ Screen Recorder is the app for you, no matter what you need! This full-version app can record anything, including music, in high quality. Aside from that, you can use additional features like the GIF builder, the face camera, and more!

The presence of smartphones has resulted in a plethora of positive outcomes for all of us. We can do all things with these devices, such as connecting with our loved ones, playing games, and more! We no longer have to rely solely on computers to accomplish many tasks.

screen recorder premium:

It does not need root access, has no time limit or watermark, is ad-free, and is extremely simple to use, requiring only one action to start and stop recording.

This screen recording app will enable you to create stunning screencast videos by providing all the features you need in a simple and elegant user interface.

AZ screen recorder is the only screencast app on the Android market that can be paused and resumed while recording, and it lets you record your screen to HD and Filled images.

You can also record audio from the microphone, which is mixed into the screencast videos automatically. This makes creating tutorials, promotional videos, commenting on your game and gameplay, and recording video chats a breeze. On either phone, the floating window will still be on top, allowing you to snap at the exact moment. You can allow screen touches in the settings so that people watching your

This free screen recorder also includes several other features, such as the ability to configure video resolution, bit rate, and screen orientation, as well as a customizable timer to stop recording, saving directory range, and the ability to access, share, or delete your recorded videos… You can use any of them for free!

Theocrat is a mobile platform application development company. Since its inception, they’ve been a part of the Google Play app business, where they sell video editing, cutting, video joining, and video editing apps to make it even better. Theocrat strives to improve and refine its claims to have the best possible experience for users. In addition to the apps above, Theocrat also launched AZ Screen Recorder, a screen recording app that allows users to share their beautiful moments with friends. Theocrat has had a lot of success with this program.

AZ modes:

Yes, the MOD craze is still going strong. Sam Moods, a developer, specializing in making alternate versions of popular Android apps such as Integral, Face book, and (Mr. Zuckerberg must be ecstatic), has now released AZ.

It’s a fork of the official development that aims to add more options and functionality. For several users, the best instant messaging app already includes all of the features needed to carry out its primary purpose: to communicate with and send files to our contacts. On the other hand, some consumers are still looking for more and tend to use different types of software, even though it means being less safe and breaking those laws because it isn’t open-source.

AZ Ask: We’re just fans of modes. Don’t you think so? Another mod, AZ, is now available. This app is relatively competitive as compared to other mod auks. Run dual with Ali Al-AZ Zambia’s Mod. The most recent edition, 10.90, can be downloaded for free. So, give it a shot by downloading the new version of AZWA from the link below.

AZ Screen Recorder for Android is a reliable, increased photo editor that allows you to capture smooth and explicit screen videos. This screen recording software offers a simple way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, and live shows with many features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, and live stream screen.

Modifications are a never-ending theme. It’s even more exciting now that we’ve released the AZ new edition. Ali al-Saab, an Oman-based developer, created this mod application. It is similar to Grand You in terms of functionality and customization.

If you’ve tried the other Moods and are still having trouble, AZWA 2021 may be able to help because it has some additional features. We’ve included free download links for the most recent edition. But give it a shot right now.

What is AZ Screen Recorder Pro Apk?

To begin, launch the AZ Screen Recorder application. It will present you with a movable toggle that will appear on your phone. The next step is to open the interface you want to document. Once there, click the record button to begin recording. Until you push the stop button, the program will continue to record your activities. You will also be asked to grant specific in-app permissions. And if this app has permission to store files in your external storage, it works well.

How to download az screen recorder pro apk?

A consumer would need to use an Android Emulator to download and install AZ Screen Recorder For PC. This type of third-party program is designed with a single goal in mind: to enable users to access Android apps on their PC. Even so, there are a plethora of emulators on the market. As a result, I’ll show you how to mount AZ Screen Recorder for PC using NoxPlayer. This is because such software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Install Nonpayer on your computer or laptop. (Click here to download)

Run Nonpayer after it has been successfully installed.

Follow the on-screen prompts before you reach the home screen.

Now, go to the Google folder on the homepage and open Play Store.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for the AZ Screen Recorder app.

Accept the installation license by clicking the install button once.

Wait until the installation process is over.

You can access AZ Screen Record For PC from the Nonpayer home interface once it has been enabled.


We aim to create the best free screen recorder that will satisfy everyone. Still, if you want to help us out and upgrade to the pro edition, you can purchase the donation bundle and get the following super cool and exclusive features that you won’t find in any other screen recorder:

A magic button is a button that allows you to monitor your recording without having to look at the screen. As a result, your video viewers will be entirely focused on the app, game, or whatever you’re screencasting.

Overlay front camera: A tiny overlay window can be dragged to any spot on the screen and adjusted to any height and opacity to capture your face and emotions.

Is there something you need to do before recording with a countdown timer? Don’t worry; the countdown timer will wait until you’re ready to begin and then snap at the appropriate time.

Draw on the screen: This one-of-a-kind feature is handy when creating a tutorial. You can use any color to highlight, draw an icon, or mark something on your computer.

Trim videos: Since screencasts can be long and contain needless material, you can cut out the bits you don’t want to make your videos look even better.

Bruno Moto, Jose Reyes, druidical, Chou Thai, and Simon Mariner all contributed to translating this screen recording software into Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, and Korean.

Final word:

Thank you for taking the time to download AZ Screen Recorder. If you have any reviews, bug reports, or suggestions, or if you can assist with translations, please get in touch with us. When you first launch the app, a camera icon button will be pinned to the main screen. It’s very compact and can be dragged to any desired location. The screen movement becomes much more convenient as a result of this function. AZ Screen Recorder can be started without exiting the current program. Instead, tap the floating icon to begin screen recording. If you want to turn off this icon, close the application, and it will go away on its own.


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