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In this FREE addictive time-management game, prepare delectable meals and desserts from around the world! You’ll be skilled test your skills in a range of environments and cooking methods with a choice of 13 exclusive locations ranging from Desserts and Fast Food to Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant. To make several hundred delectable dishes, you’ll need more than a hundred ingredients. From coffee machines and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers, test out every possible kitchen gadget. Enhance the appearance of your restaurants to draw more customers.

 Create your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to personalize and recall your customers’ experiences – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchen, and you’ll be able to cook a more comprehensive selection of dishes. Did we note that this game is as addicting and engrossing as fever? Have fun cooking, and don’t obliterate sharing your tasty creations with your Facebook mates!

lful You’ll be skillful to test your skills in various environments and cooking methods, with a wide range of exclusive locations and restaurants ranging from Desserts and Fast Food to Indian and Chinese cuisines. To make the highest-quality dishes, combine hundreds of delectable ingredients. From coffee makers, including rice cookers, to microwave ovens and popcorn makers, test out every possible kitchen gadget. Enhance the appearance of your restaurants to draw more customers.

 Create your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to personalize and recall your customers’ experiences – just like in real life! Downgrade your kitchen, and you’ll be able to cook a more comprehensive selection of dishes. Did we note that this gameplay is as addicting and engrossing as fever? Have fun cooking, and don’t forget to share your tasty creations with your Facebook mates. In this FREE interactive time the game, prepare delectable menus and dessert from around the world!

Cooking fever unlimited coins and gems:

Unlimited coins/diamonds in Cooking Fever MOD – This is one of the most fun kitchen games; not only will you learn to cook, but you will also travel to a variety of countries and meet a variety of fascinating people who might become your friends. Choose your favorite location, develop, learn new recipes, experiment, and invite celebrities to admire your work with dignity. All is under your control, including the design of your restaurant’s interior. Open new establishments, change their interiors, include free muffins and cookies to customers, and draw as many people as possible!

More than 1000 entertaining levels, a large number of national dishes and recipes, a range of interior design solutions for your restaurants, and a large number of kitchen equipment are all included in the game. Download the application and launch your dream restaurant.

If you love cooking and have always wished to be the best chef globally and run your restaurant, this is the game for you! Prepare delectable dishes, draw customers, and outfit your small restaurant. You’ll save costs and have more options. Hire staff and employees to complete all of the tasks. Make a name for yourself and make your restaurant the best in town. Create VIP meetings for select customer

Cooking delicious food and sweets from all over the world is addictive in this free time management game! You can test your skills in different environments and cooking methods with 13 unique locations ranging from candy and fast food to oyster bars and oriental restaurants. Prepare hundreds of delicious recipes with over a hundred ingredients. From coffeemakers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn machines, try out various kitchen appliances.

Everyone will always recommend that the user download the new version of the Cooking Fever Unlimited Coins/Gems to ensure the consistency and atmosphere of the Arcade app/game. It is available for download directly from the Android Market. However, you can only get the original edition. There’s no need to be concerned about the updated version and those who cannot log in due to a lack of access to the Google Play Store or for some other purpose. Many websites claim to have the most recent Cooking Fever (MOD, Unrestricted Coins/Gems) Apk updates, but none can back up their claims.

Cooking fever mod apk terbaru:

Do you plan to work as a chef in one of France’s opulent restaurants? Do you want to cook delicious food but don’t have enough materials, time, or money to do so? You’ll have the chance to run your restaurant and prepare delectable international dishes and desserts.

If you gained experience as a coffee maker in Idle Coffee Corp, your role in Cooking Fever has changed. You’ll play the part of a cook, cooking dishes as requested by customers. You can choose from several specific locations, such as a fast-food restaurant, an oyster bar, or an Asian restaurant. Become a chef with exceptional culinary skills. There will also be a lot of equipment in your kitchen. For example, coffee makers, toasters, popcorn machines, and so on will all assist you in creating dishes that meet the needs of your customers and ensure that they are delighted. Visitors and wait times can vary depending on the stage. Meanwhile, if they meet your requirements, they will compensate you. If you don’t, they’ll depart, and the food you’re preparing will be thrown away.

Cooking Games are often regarded and played for my daughter, and many others enjoy this game. When it comes to mobile games nowadays, everything has been customized. Since you can openly play cooking games without harming others, games like Cooking Fever have been downloaded by many people. It has been downloaded over an undefended million times. It’s available now on Google Play, and it’s getting rave reviews. It can enjoy all ages of people, from children to the elderly. Kitchen Fever is also intended to be a family-friendly game. As a result, parents will join their children in playing the game and strengthening family bonds.

How can I get the Gems?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with free gems because this would be unfair to other Clashers. However, there are numerous methods for obtaining free gems in the game:

  • Completing accomplishments will win you Gems.
  • Clearing trees and crystals in your village can uncover hidden gems. Bear in mind that some of these will regroup, so keep an eye out!
  • Open the gem box that sometimes appears in your village.
  • Stay updated out for any current gem-rewarding cases.
  • In the Builder Base, repair the Gem Mine.
  • Never put your faith in websites that promise free gems in exchange for your log-in information or passwords. Would you please read this to find out why?

How to download the cooking fever mod apk?

Let me tell you about P. When you first start cooking, we start with a specific restaurant, maybe some chocolates, and give you each piece. I have to complete 30 levels with 30 levels while also preparing a small meal wherever I go. There are a few recipes, such as burgers and soda, and then others, such as herbs, are done, which makes it a little complicated. Display more customers, quicker customers, and what happened there. Customers who send you more money, more than you need to make ends meet, in exchange for your endless tears. To receive three stars, you must visit at least one Starbucks. It’s a success if you can get above 38 levels on either side. It’s possible to double the amount. There are more goodies on this level.

Cooking Fever has created an unparalleled craze for a cooking game, thanks to its beautiful features. There have been millions of downloads, and it provides players with a calming experience. We can see the “heat” of this simple game in this way. This is a game you must play if you enjoy cooking or have an “eating” soul.


  • There are over 400 dishes to prepare with just 150 ingredients.
  • Fast-Food, Grocery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Middle Eastern, Breakfast Café, Sushi Bar, Ice Cream Store, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Corn Dog Truck, Café Mexicana, and House of Crab are just a few of the 13 exclusive locations. More locations will be added soon!
  • There are over 400 levels to complete.
  • Thousands of updates for your kitchen appliances and interior design
  • Thousands of delectable dishes to prepare with hundreds of high-quality ingredients
  • There’s a wide range of world-famous cuisines to choose from.
  • There are over 1000 levels to complete.
  • Hundreds of updates for your kitchen appliances are available.

Final word:

Cooking Fever Apk has a content ranking of 3+ years. This app has a rating of 3.8 stars from 11232 users. This app can be found in the Arcade category of the Google Play Store. Visit Nor current’s website to learn more about the business/developer who built it. Cooking FeverApk can be downloaded and installed on android devices running version 4.4 and up. Using your preferred browser, download the app and then press Update to install it. Please keep in mind that we provide both primary and pure APK files and faster download speeds than Cooking Fever Apk. This app’s APK has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play. Cooking Fever APK can also be downloaded and run on common Android emulators.


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