Hungry Shark World Mod Apk Unlimited Thrill And Action:


As the name suggests, the Hungry shark world is an interesting game with lots of thrill, adventure, and action. Along with all this entertainment, users also do free shopping without spending a single coin.

As the most dangerous animal of the sea, sharks come out of the sea for hunting and eat everything that comes in their way. Humans have always been afraid of this precarious animal and always have been finding ways to protect themselves, but in this game, the exciting feature is that users are not humans but sharks. You will be the shark in the game. Isn’t it sound exciting and thrilling?

Hungry shark world gameplay is very addictive; it has high-quality graphics and multiple levels. With all these features, once you start playing this game, there is no end to it.

Technical information:

Name Hungry shark world.
Publisher: Ubisoft
Category: Action
Size: 184MB
MOD Features: Unlimited money
Requires: Android 4.2 and above

Introduction to Hungry Shark World:


Summers are coming, usually, people plan outdoor activities and vacations in this season, but we all know that outdoor activities have been restricted because of Covid19. We have spent about an entire year in quarantine. In this challenging situation, the hungry shark world could be your best friend. Go and explore the vast blue beaches, coral reefs, and colorful fish with this game.

As you will transform into a shark in this game, your main task would be to maintain the life and feed yourself as your shark is always hungry. You will have to control the shark to eat everything.

As the shark eats more, it will grow more and want to eat more. In this game, the shark will be eating 100 different types of animals, including small fish, big fish, boats, and even the tourists on the beach. The shark can jump on the shore and can attack the tourists on the beach. But if the shark remains on the shore for a longer time, it will die because of a shortage of oxygen. Many animals in the sea are stronger than the sharks and can scare them and even eat them like big sharks.

Hungry shark world is the new version of the very famous game hungry shark evolution. In this game, the shark becomes bigger by eating prey and eating more prey when it grows. You can level up in the game and unlock different shark species as there are 7 species of sharks in the game. The rare species is the “great white,” and every gamer’s goal is to unlock this species. Some sharks in the game are very dangerous-looking; some are cute and funny-looking.
You will explore many beautiful beaches in the hungry shark world, such as the Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the South China Sea. The beaches will give you a real experience.


  • There are many levels in the game to explore
  • 7 different type and size of sharks
  • With passing and conquering every level, you get the reward. 

Hungry shark world is regularly updated with new features, challenges, graphics, and content.

Download Hungry Shark World MOD APK for Android:

Hungry shark game is great entertainment to get relaxed after long working hours. You can play this game anywhere and anytime to get rid of stress.
The game is available on the google play store for all android users. What are you waiting for? Go and download this amazing game and enjoy being Shark.

How to cheat hungry shark world?

You can cheat the hungry shark world by going to your phone’s general setting and go to date and time setting. There turn off the automatic time and set the manual time that you want.

How to get unlimited coins in hungry shark?


To get unlimited coins, you should go to your phone setting, then the time and date setting. Turn off the automatic time and set the different dates one by one. When you set one date, go to the hungry shark game; when the game will open, you will get a popup of daily reward. You can get unlimited coins by doing this hack. Change the date one by one, and every time you change the date, go to the game and get the daily reward.

Megalodon is the first shark on the hungry shark world to unlock. Once you have enough coins, you can purchase this shark. The 250,000 coins or 500 gems are required to purchase this shark.

To cheat megalodon, go to the time and date setting of your phone, turn off the automatic time and set the dates manually one by one, and every time you set a date, go to the game and get the daily reward. In this way, you will collect the required gems and coins and can purchase the megalodon.

How to get coins fast in the hungry shark world?

Go to the time and date setting of your phone, turn off the automatic time. Now set the date manually. When you set the date, go to the hungry shark game and when the daily reward popup appears, collect the reward. By doing this, you can get the coins faster.



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