Nova Launcher Prime Apk For Androids Free Download

Did you ever think that a smartphone can be a fair reflection of your personality? How is a phone helpful to know about his user? If no, then think about that because any character can be judged by their taste, interests, phone’s screen, and the things they carry. 

If you are not joyful with the layout and appearance of your phone? So do not worry, as the nova launcher prime apk is pretty helpful for those who want to get rid of their old launchers. Prime version of the nova launcher could be an excellent alternative to old launchers. It has many advanced features that will enrich your home screen and user experience. 

What do nova launcher prime apk?

Users always try to change their phone appearance according to their interests. It may be background, ring tone, graphic effects, colors, icon customization, and access to awesome widgets. Nova launcher pro apk provides an excellent experience to their users; they feel incredibly comfortable turning up to their phones. 

Some Basic Requirements:

Before we discuss the features, we should know the basic requirements of the nova launcher prime apk. It supports most Android devices with few exceptions. 

Your phone should be compatible with the apps.

You are using a too old device. 

How to install it?

If you are worried about the complex and challenging installation process, please calm down because the building process is straightforward. You have to install the app, activate the features of this app. It will start working by restarting your launcher settings.

Features of nova launcher prime apk:

The nova launcher has unique features which make his users comfortable. It makes your smartphone user friendly and convenient, which every user wants. Most of the users have found nova launcher prime apk is a fantastic app for their androids. Some of the top features of the nova launcher are as follows:


 The main feature of Nova is its high speed; it is highly optimized with great animations. It can be smoothly used on all the phones (newer and older) as the app resizes according to devices so that it does not affect the operating system of the device. 

Custom Icon Themes:

 It has thousands of custom icon themes. Users can choose any theme according to their choice. 

Night Mode and Dark Theme:

 Nova also has the feature of night mode and dark theme. With the night mode feature, users can easily use the phone for late hours without worrying about tiring and irritated eyes. 

The dark theme helps to prolong the battery of the phone and also balances the brightness contrast. 

 The best thing about these features is the automation, which makes this app user friendly. 

Backup and Restore: Now, users don’t need to worry about their data as nova has a backup and restore feature. Backups can be stored locally as well as on the cloud. Users can quickly transfer the designs and themes from one phone to another. 

Hide Apps: Users can hide unnecessary and unused apps. Hiding the unnecessary apps will make the phone look organized and uncluttered. 

Subgrid Positioning:

 The unique feature of the nova launcher is its subgrid positioning. Users can snap the widgets and icons in the grid cells. 

Customized App Drawer: Apps and page effects can be customized vertically or horizontally with a customized app drawer. There are many other features accessible in the app drawer for users’ convenience and choice. 

Icon Swipes: 

Users can also customize the icon swiping on their phones. 

Concluding Words:

As we all are conscious that mobile phone has become the necessity of time and is now an essential part of everyone’s life as it helps us communicate, it entertains us and assists us in many tasks. .With the significant growth in mobile phone usage, people also want new and unique things. They do not want the old and traditional appearance of apps and widgets on their phones. Launchers proved to be helpful in this scenario as they have unique and advanced features. That’s why launchers are very popular, and it will not be wrong to say that the nova launcher prime apk is the most popular launcher app for android phones. It has excellent features and techniques that change your use with mobile phones and affect how you manipulate the apps.

The applet’s customized feature you choose how you organize the phone’s presentation and layout that makes users more comfortable while using this excellent app. It will be safe to say that the nova launcher will turn your mobile phone into a masterpiece. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the nova launcher prime app and enjoy its features to the fullest. 

FAQ about nova launcher prime Apk

Q1: How to install nova launcher prime apk?

Nova launcher can be installed by following these steps.

  • Go to the settings on your phone.
  • Tap on the setting menu.
  • Check if “Unknown source” features are enabled or not. If not enabled, will allow it.
  • Now go to the phone’s file manager.
  • Open the folder in which the Nova Launcher Prime APK file is saved.
  • Tap the file and select the “install” to start the installation.
  • Tap on Finish when the installation is complete. The process will take some time. 

Q2: How to install nova launcher primed apk?

Follow the below instructions to install nova launcher primed.

  • Download the apk file from google or google play store.
  • Now unlocked the apk file and installed it on your phone.
  • Once the file is installed, the nova launcher is ready to use.

Q3: How to download the apk of nova launcher prime?

You can download apk of nova launcher prime from google. There are many websites accessible on google that provide this service. 


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