If you are a street sports person and enjoy street sports’ virtual gameplay, then a real skate apk a goldmine for you. Enjoy the wonderful skating experience trusted by over a million downloads with proven review ratting as a top game in the skating game category. The popularity graph tells the likeness of a game with an immense population to download from the official store by Google. 

The outstanding feature is the challenging, globally acclaimed accolade and replay option to review your gameplay. You can compete with top-class around the world skating champion and compete in a grand skating challenge. 

The true-skate apk game is different from others in terms that there is no central character in the game that boards the skate and haze through the streets. You can enjoy the skate ride through virtual reality by playing the right skate game. The simple version of the game allows a single location and park for you to skate through. Still, the paid version allows multiple maps and diversified locations for the best skating experience. 

Features of True skate Apk

The love of this game is due to the beautiful features that make this game exciting and loveable. The interface is quite fascinating, with interactive layouts and maps designed in a coordinated manner. The next level graphics make it popular among both the young and elderly population across the planet. 

Reality Simulation

The fundamental reason for the popularity of this particular game is the real-life simulations. You can enjoy the seamless skating experience just like a roller coaster ride you would experience yourself skating in your adjoining streets. The game’s user interface and graphics are developed considering the same pattern of streets with stalls, parks, and roads with traffic. There is no specific character in this game; in fact, the lead character is the skateboard.

Trusted by millions of fans

This game has been growing its popularity since True Axis Inc. launched it. There is a close estimation that this street skating game is downloaded by over one and about a half million people from all over the world.

Fantasy street league 

The unique skating experience with renowned skate-champions is you, contender, to win the global skating leader. This game is quite a popular choice due to  

Premium Features of True Skate APK

The simple version of True Skate apk is just a single skate with some localized maps and places to hover. If you are a sporty and adventurous type of personality, you will want to explore some new areas to crash the skating experience. For that particular reason, you need the premium version of the app. The in-app purchase option on the Google play store allows you to experience all skate parts without different maps. The premium features of the app are:

• Slow-motion aka slow-mo mode

• Weekly challenge

• All Missions Unlocked

• Safe to Play

• Unlimited Deck Images

How to play a good skate Game?

If you plan to learn the best skating game for your youtube stream or engage the audience on your Facebook page, you are at the right place. The gaming channels are increasing in number, and the audience is vast, with several monetization options for you to present your favorite game’s gameplay.

You can quickly learn this game by managing the handling of skateboards with your mobile control. The perfect way to do that is by experimenting little while skating on the True Skate game. 

Every skating player tried to do Ollie in a skating game and dreamt of doing it in real. If you are wondering about performing Ollie in the right skate, yes, you can do it with some practice. A bit of some hour, and you can do Ollie by following these steps. A bit of speed with a mild swipe under the corners of your screen to give an extra push, and you are good to go for a perfect Ollie.

How to download the True Skate APK on your mobile device?

The latest version of the True Skate Game is available on this page of our website. If you are wondering about older versions of the game, this is not the right place for you. 

You can easily skate free download the latest 2021 edition of the game by clicking on the download button. The download will start automatically. The game is not hosted on our website, but the external servers are dedicated. If you have any questions regarding downloading, you can email us or comment below.

Installation guidelines about True Skate?

The installation is relatively easy. Click on the link for apk to start downloading on your system. The building will start automatically and open the apk file on download completion. The device security asks for a security check for installation, allow it, and installation begins. Open the application, and you are now part of crazy skaters to play your loved game.


If you are a street player, gaming channel owner, or skating lover, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the right skate. This app comes with exciting features, tricky maps, real-life scenes and graphics, and a seamless skate street experience. Play and enjoy this game with an open heart.



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